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2000 weeks is focused on helping people make the most of their careers, no matter how many of those weeks they have ahead or behind. As part of a regular feature, we’re going to encourage those who are at different stages along their journey to tell us their story.

Kathy Graham left a Directorship position with a key public body this year to set up Kathy Graham Strategies. Her blog was so good that I knew it had to be shared in the first week of the new website going live. Please feel free to comment, we’re all traveling through our 2000 weeks, let’s help each other make them count!”

A reflection on 55 years spent in education.

One of the most experienced and respected teachers in Ireland, Joy Smyth, retired last year after four decades dedicated  to developing young people through education. She also happens to be my hero and my mum!

Read more here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/reflections-55-years-education-stephen-smyth/